March 13, 2020

“Our family is forever grateful for the wonderful care and compassion your team provided our sweet boy.

Thank you for everything. Your passion for animal care was a blessing that will not be forgotten.

Charlie is no longer by our side, but will forever be in our hearts.”

Shantel & Family H.

February 14, 2020

“Thank you so much for everything you have done since our little Deaner passed away. You’ve gone above and beyond anything we would have expected from a company that deals with the things you guys do, and you’ve brought many much needed smiles to our faces.”

-Tyler S.

December 12, 2019

“Thank you so much for the care you gave when my dog Keebaa passed away. Your staff was very caring and made me know that he would be looked after and I loved knowing that his ashes would be spread out in the meadow. The wildflower heart and the keepsake bookmark were a beautiful touch. Thank you again for the compassion during the loss of my Keebaa.”

– Dalles C.

October 25, 2019

“I cannot begin to express my profound gratitude for your incomparable care of my Beloved Max! I will always remember the tender, compassionate and respectful care you showed towards not just Max, but myself as well. Parting with a much beloved member of the family is always sorrowful. This time however, because of your being present immediately after his passing, has brought me a peace of mind I had not experienced before…
When and if I need pet cremation services again, I assure you that Part of the Family will be the only company I will be calling…

– Nanci Jensen

August 15, 2019

“I wanted to express my thanks for what you do and for being so kind. I appreciate the service and the way in which Tsavo was treated and respected. Thank you very much for providing such an amazing and important service.”

– Teresa M.

July 4, 2019

“Words cannot express how thankful and grateful we are for putting our trust in you with our most beloved tuxedo cat, Chase. He meant more to us than you’ll ever know and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your kindness, respect, dignity and love for our Chase. You made a traumatic time in our lives easier.”

– Kelly and Kevin M.

July 4, 2019

“My dear friends who helped me with the passing of Sweet Tia … Thank you for the compassion shown on the day of and following Tia’s passing.”

– Jean F.

June 21, 2019

“Thank you for giving Stitch and Sonanda a proper send off in the way of my kin. I am grateful for all you did for them.”

– Karen M.

June 21, 2019

“This past January we lost our beloved Georgie. We just wanted to thank you and let you know how much your sincerity and care is appreciated.

It meant a lot that you took the time to send us your condolences and took such care that we can treasure memories of Georgie.

Thank you all, with our most heartfelt appreciation.”

– Tim and Lorraine D.

June 17, 2019

“Thank you so much for the compassion that you gave me.

Thank you so much for the dignity and respect you gave to Juri.

There is a hole in my heart that will never be filled.”

– Liz G.

June 17, 2019

“I wanted to first say thank you for the care you showed Gracie but also the kindness for my family when we came to bring Gracie home. 

After reading your story, it brought warmth to my heart to know that you are the best to choose for pet memorial. It can’t be easy to do what you do, but you bring people the peace they need for our four legged family members.

Thank you, so very much.”

– Asha, Eric and Riley R-V.

June 7, 2019

“The hardest day of our lives came on May 13th, 2019 when we had to say good bye to our handsome boy JC.

This was not something that we were remotely prepared for.

We knew because of his age – 18 years old – that our days with our handsome boy were one day going to end and we tried to be prepared for it…but how do you prepare to say good bye to a perfect furry face.

Well, needless to say it was VERY difficult and we both were emotional wrecks.

Ardeth was there and waited very patiently for us to finish with the vet and to say good bye to JC.

When Ardeth came into our home, she literally sat on the floor with me and let me cry.

Ardeth was so…I don’t even know what words to use…she was so patient and calming, she let us take as much time as we needed to make some very emotional decisions and what we wanted for our handsome boy.

Ardeth made it very clear that she was in no rush and spent her time with us…that we truly needed.

Ardeth explained everything very well and let us know how well JC would be treated while in her care.

This made such a difference for us during a very difficult time and we will never forget that.

Ardeth brought in a beautiful basket and blanket for JC and let us place our handsome boy in the basket and tuck him in with the blanket and say our final goodbyes and give him kisses before leaving us

This was THE HARDEST thing we have had to do but because of Ardeth and her compassion, and the compassion of all that work at Part of the Family, we felt that we would not have wanted it any other way for our boy.

It was a beautiful way of saying goodbye to a beautiful boy who we dearly miss and Part of the Family was a huge piece of making that possible.

Our lives have forever changed since we lost our boy.

We are so thankful for Ardeth and Part of the Family – you do things that most of us do not have the courage to do and you do it fabulously.

JC would be very happy that you took such good care of his mom and dad!!!!

We will be forever thankful and hold you dear to our hearts!!

Thank you again for everything!!”

Much love,

Jackey & Jim & JC

June 5, 2019

Thank you for such care and loving respect for our dear Prissy who passed away May 29th. I felt such relief with the support provided and reassurance that her remains have been respected accordingly. It was a special relief to see that a basket and blanket was provided for her to be carried from our home. Thank you so much.

– John and Joanne M.

April 11, 2019

“Simon passing away, was or still is, one of the saddest times we have had to bear. Part of the Family were so very very professional,but also extremely kind. Every step of the way, they helped us through a very, very sad time. Now, Simon is back home with us, we just wanted to say, we will be forever grateful.”

– Lawrence, Wendy & Oliver

September 29, 2017

“I am absolutely blown away with the service at Part of the Family PMC. Hope was cared for better than we could have ever imagined. From getting a beautiful plaque, to paw prints, to beautiful cards, coping methods, flowers to plant in memory of Hope and the list goes on!!! Ardeth and her team were there to support us through our entire experience of losing Hope. They took care of everything. After Hope had passed they brought us her ashes and a very heartfelt care package. You should really look into Part of the Family and have a plan for when something unexpected may come up for your furry family members. Hands down the best care we could have got in a very hard time for our family. Miss you Hopey girl. I cannot wait to plant some flowers in memory, which is just one of the many amazing parts of the care package Ardeth delivered to us.”

– Robyn N.

September 29, 2017

“We would like give a heartfelt thank-you to “Part of the Family” and the all of the caring staff. During our time of loss you treated us with the utmost compassion and respect. We truly appreciate everything that was done for us, the sensitivity, the professionalism and your understanding was amazing. You took a sad day in our life and turned it into a memory we treasure. You gave us the opportunity to give our little part of the family the respectful and loving farewell she deserved. Thank you so much for everything.”

– Rob and Miriam

August 18, 2017

“Thank you for so tenderly looking after my little Ed’s body as he was getting ready for his final resting place.”

– Shelley V.

August 18, 2017

“I just wanted to say thank you for everything you guys have done for us and for Teisha. It was comforting to see how you treated us from the second we got there and I knew I left her in caring hands. I can’t imagine going anywhere else, you have such a peaceful and loving environment that just helps with the process so much! Everything turned out absolutely amazing and I am so thankful to have it. You guys were absolutely amazing and so helpful through one of the hardest times of my life. I don’t have words to express how grateful I am. Thank you so much for all you do!”

– Brielle E.

August 17, 2017

“I wanted to say thank you again for your kindness and compassion towards this very difficult time for us.
We are so glad to have found your services, I have no doubt that Buttons was in the very best hands throughout the entire process. From the first time I called to the moment we picked Buttons up we experienced such a high standard of service that is above and beyond from what we expected from this experience. We are in awe at the entire package we received, the flowers are such a beautiful touch.
Thank you to all who had a part in taking care of our baby, the work you do does not go unappreciated.”

– Amanda Q. and Family

June 23, 2017

“Thank you so much for the gentle, caring way Ozzy’s passing has been handled by your company. From the treatment of his remains to the follow-up with our family, we have been shown understanding, sympathy and respect throughout the whole process. We were so grateful for your kindness as we dealt with our loss.”

– Suzanne M.

May 4, 2017

“On behalf of my family I just wanted to thank you for all of the wonderful things you have done for us. You have made our experience so much easier to deal with knowing that you have taken wonderful care of Shadow. We are forever thankful and I hope you know how much we have appreciated your support this week.”

– Lacey B.

April 17, 2017

“I had to say goodbye to my cat of 13 years. Though that experience was devastating, Ardeth arrived at our house and provided comfort and reassurance. I was very impressed with the ornate and beautiful basket she brought in to transfer my kitty with, and with the love and respect she provided my deceased pet. I also received pamphlets on loss, and a few little extras to show that they truly care. You can tell they take the time to make such a bad experience as good as they can, and I’m so appreciative that my pets passing was handled with such care.”

– Julianna K.

February 27, 2017

“We wanted to thank you for the kindness and thoughtfulness you extended to us during our grieving time over Rocky’s passing. Also have to say you have provided excellent detail in all you do as well as expedience, flexibility and courtesy. Many details you have taken care of for us far exceeded our expectations and all our family thanks you. You are kind and friendly and this was something we needed at this time. Your premisses and office space are beautiful and help to make the memorial easier.

Good luck and thank you from all our family.”

– Cam and Lois

February 17, 2017

“When we were faced with the most difficult decision to say goodbye to our beloved little dog Missy, I can’t Thank Part of the Family enough. When Katie arrived at our house she was so kind, compassionate and understanding of my needs and feelings. The service we received from Katie and her team was outstanding. The professionalism and care I received from Part of the Family made this process much more bearable for my family. Thank you.”

– Gail P.

February 7, 2017

“We had to let our 11 yr old Hammer go onto his next journey and Part of the family came out to our home. This was an incredibly difficult day for our family and they were so compassionate and professional. One of my huge worries was what would happen to him after, a little morbid but it really bothered me. But after seeing how caring they were when they handled him, lifted him and put him on the stretcher with his head placed very lovingly, the worries left my mind and I knew they would take great care. A few days later they delivered Hammer to our home as we live quite far from their location. Thank you so much Part of the family for you kind and caring service!”

– Denise C.

January 23, 2017

“Our experience with Part of the Family was amazing. Their services were arranged for us through the vet we used to put my partner’s pup to sleep at home, and the whole experience was seamless and worry-free. They were professional and kind, and this was especially appreciated given the tough situation we were facing. Thank you for taking care of us and our old guy.

We know that if we face the unthinkable, but unfortunately inevitable, with our other pets in the future, we will be sure to use your services again.”

– Vanessa

December 6, 2016

“There is nothing that can help the awful heartbreak of saying goodbye to your best furry friend, but working with Part of the Family is as close as you can get. They are professional, fair, and prompt with all their services. But most of all, they’re kind, they care, and they treat you and your pet with the utmost of respect. Nothing will ease the heartbreak of what you’re going through, but knowing that you trusted your best friend to PMC definitely gives some peace of mind.”

– Bronwen

September 21, 2016

“We lost our beloved pet cat Mocha, and when we picked an urn for her, I did not choose one that I really liked. When I called to get a different one, Katie said to come to the centre, and she would help us find a new one.

We were pleased to find a new urn for our pet and everything was done that day. We are so happy to have had the urn changed and it is beautiful.

Thank you so much.”

– Lorraine B.

July 29, 2016

“We recently lost our 11 year old dog Hummer and wanted to bring him back home with us. Part of the Family offered excellent service and really helped us through our grieving process. Everyone was so kind and compassionate. Facilities are situated in a peaceful and quiet environment. The urn is superb and now we have our baby back home with us.

Thank you so much!”

– Stephanie and Pierre-Yves

June 17, 2016

“I can never thank you enough for being there for me when my baby Kissie passed away. I truly appreciate you for taking good care of my baby from the moment I came to you until the very end.

– Jhen

October 28, 2015

“Part of the Family,

We just wanted to thank you all very much, you have helped make Boss’s passing easier and it’s comforting to know that you all care for and love animals just as much and treat them with respect and the dignity that they so deserve. We really cannot thank you enough! We will never forget Boss and the love and joy he brought to our lives.

– Peter and Patricia Osadciw

October 19, 2015

“Words cannot express how much I appreciated you coming to the office late Saturday evening to receive the body of my precious Maltese girl, Gucci. My heart would not have been able to handle having to wait until Monday to bring her to your Memorial Centre.

Thank you so much for your kindness and the respect shown to her little body when I handed her over to you.”

– Louise Sanders

September 18, 2015

“From coming to your office the first time to discuss your services to the last time on picking up Sheba’s ashes, I have felt truly blessed to of had your support during this most painful time.”

– Dee

September 18, 2015

“You did everything you could to treat me with kindness and Big Kitty with respect.

– Donna Begin

September 18, 2015

“We want to express our thanks to Part of the Family Pet Memorial Centre. You have shown genuine respect and compassion to us when we needed it most. The dignity and respect you have shown for our friend was also genuine and that is priceless to us and will never be forgotten. Thank you for everything!”

– Neal & Debbie Espeseth

September 18, 2015

“I would like to send Part of the Family a sincere heartfelt thank you for all he has done during the recent loss of my dog Meika. They were very compassionate and understanding of all the emotions I was facing with losing my baby girl and went out of his way to ensure she had the very best and comfortable end to her journey. I had originally planned Meika’s euthanasia in August and unfortunately this past weekend I realized that Meika was very sick and decided to end her suffering sooner than expected. I called late on Saturday afternoon to let them know that Meika had deteriorated and that I would be putting her to sleep that afternoon. They went above and beyond ensuring that we could still on such short notice go ahead with what we had planned all the while remaining compassionate with the situation.

My wish was to be with Meika to the very end and that included witnessing her cremation. It brought me comfort to know that she would be treated well and that I would be by her side to the very end. Obviously knowing this was my final goodbye to my beloved Meika – they very patient and again compassionate allowing me some extra time with her as well as showing great sympathy to the situation. I appreciated them reminding me that she would always be in my heart and allowing me to take my time before the cremation started. Meika was gently picked up from her blanket and placed inside, just as I would have done it myself.

On Monday I returned to the Part of the Family center and was able to take my little Meika’s urn home. I appreciated that they understood that getting Meika back home was very important to me and as was promised he had my baby back to me as soon as was possible. I also received an absolutely wonderful package with pamphlets helping with what I am feeling right now and a little paw print package of flowers  to be planted in memory of Meika. I can’t thank them enough for the thought of this little paw print bloomer, it brought me comfort to go outside with my 2 other dogs and plant this for Meika. The team at Part of the Family truly do understand and believe that they are not just pets that they truly are part of our families and that thought shows through all that they do. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

– Tara Bristow

September 11, 2015

“I would like to thank you for your excellent service.  I have had animals pass before and never have I had better service in a time that is so hard for many of us.  The cost is affordable and I walked away feeling like myself and my pet actually mattered and we were not just looked at like as a $$$ amount.  The follow up with the beautiful bookmark is so very thoughtful!  Please don’t change a thing, you are providing an amazing service at a cost that is affordable for almost anyone. Part of the Family Pet Memorial Centre is a cut above the rest.

Thank you for your kindness, compassion and amazing service!!”

– Sherry Rosychuk

August 14, 2015

“Part of the Family delivered what they promise – they offered incredible service on a very short notice and delivered VIP – FRONT OF LINE service. In less than 12 hours they helped me thru a difficult time when I had to put down my Marmalade due to a liver/kidney disease to ease her suffering. She was always the bright spot in all my life and she will surely be missed. They presented a very professional and timely package at a inexpensive cost. They live up to their promises. THANK YOU.” 

– Miles Nelson

July 6, 2015

“When we get a pet, we all know “that day” will come, but you think it will just never happen. Your pet will live forever… But then, “that day” does come. My husband and I had never experienced the putting down of a pet and now, here we were… making the decision you know in your heart is the right decision.

Two and a half years ago, I attended the Open House of “Part of the Family Pet Memorial Centre” and upon entering the building was struck with how calm and friendly the staff were. From the beautiful Chapel, to the “Comfort Room” where one can sit with their pet before it is put down, to the room filled with so many different kinds of urns and engraved boxes for the cremated remains… I made a promise that when it was time for my pets to be put down, my first call would be to the Pet Memorial Centre… and it was. Upon arriving at the Centre to make the advanced arrangements, I was first greeted by Katie and shown into the office where they took me through the paperwork and then showed me the “Urn Selection Room” to make my choice. Between bouts of tears and numerous Kleenex tissues, I realized just how lucky Edmonton is to have such a wonderful place with such warm-hearted people to help one through this gut-wrenching time…

– Brenda and Bernie

July 6, 2015

“Our daughter called us the middle of our holiday in Montana to tell us that our cat, Nutty (Nutmeg), was not doing well and she felt that Nutty was just holding on for us. We were in Thompson Falls, Montana and we tore back home as fast as we could. We stopped only to gas up and made it back home by 11:00 that night. Our daughter had stayed until 10:00 which was as late as she could stay with her family of four waiting for her at home.

My heart sank as I went in the house, Nutty was so talkative and always came to greet us. But there was no sound. I was frantic as I looked for her and finally found her. She looked indeed like she had been holding on just for us. By this day it had been one day since she had eaten. At 18 1/2 she was quite simply dying of old age, her poor tired body had just had enough.

Since she was in no pain or discomfort we took care of her, never leaving her alone, for five days when she finally left us. At no time was she in discomfort or pain and we took care of her as she had taken care of us all of her life. She held on to life so long our poor little dear and honestly had such a gentle passing – just a series of soft last breathes until she was gone.

They answered our call at 5:22 on Saturday July the 4th. They generously told us that we could come with Nutty at 6:30. They were compassionate and understanding, making us feel at ease with leaving Nutty with them and with our grief. They offered us the grieving room to take as long as we wanted to say goodbye even though he probably had things to do at home on a Saturday night. While we were there they took time to show us their facility. The grieving room where one can spend time with their pet and memorial room for services are exceptional. They have the same calming facilities that any funeral home has for a human. They clearly understand that our pets are family members and they treat them with honour and respect.

Before we left they presented us with a beautiful portfolio with a paw print which contains seeds which will bloom into flowers and wonderful words of kindness and grief counseling as well as a memory ribbon. The paw is planted and when those flowers come up we will think of how lovingly we and Nutty were treated.

We have had to say goodbye to pets before and have used other facilities and we cannot tell you how amazing Part of the Family is. We are so comforted to know that Part of the Family is there and we hope they continue for many many years.

There will never be any other choice for us and we feel so strongly about them that we will recommend them always to anyone who might need the many services they offer.”

– Zoie and Doug

June 19, 2015

“Part of the Family was wonderful to us after losing our beloved Lynx. They were kind and understanding and went out of their way to help us in any way they could, from answering all of my questions to staying open late so we could make it in. Thank you so much for caring and for being there for people in such a tough time.”

– Danielle Fontaine

June 11, 2015

Thank you for your recent help. The information you passed on to Dennis for Kevin and Colleen was very helpful to them. The kids are very satisfied with your help/service and felt great trust while dealing with you.

Must also mention they are impressed with how comfortable the Pet Centre atmosphere is.”

– Laura and Dennis

June 11, 2015

Words can’t express how wonderful and professional you all have been during our loss of Maggie.

Much love and appreciation.”

– Tracy and Sheryl

June 11, 2015

Our heartfelt thank you for the very respectful and dignified manners in which you treated Bolo and us during a most difficult and painful time. Your attention to every detail and your kindness in fulfilling our requests were greatly appreciated. We truly sensed your compassion and empathy, evident from the time of our first meeting. We are certainly thankful for the services Part of the Family provides at such a devastating time. Thank you again for everything. We miss our dear Bolo terribly.”

– Marion and Elaine

June 11, 2015

“We recently purchased an urn for our beloved little girl’s ashes from you folks. We wanted to express our gratitude to you, for how wonderful you were with my friend and me, when we were there. You were very helpful and gentle.

Molly is now resting, comfortably, and we have even found some closure with this. Losing a pet is so very hard, but thanks to you it has been a little easier for us to do.

Thanks again for everything.”

– Shelley and Bill

June 11, 2015

It is hard to find the right words to thank you for helping me get through one of the hardest days of my life. My beloved Inuk was my world and beloved companion of over 12 years and losing him has left a huge hole in my heart… Your help and support that day and beyond was like having a life-long family friend to help me through and I will forever be grateful…”

– Michelle Kowalchuk

June 7, 2015

“We had to make the very difficult decision to put down our family dog Kelso. We called Vets to Go to make these arrangements and they directed us to contact Part of the Family to arrange for his transport and cremation. I called Part of the Family and told them the situation and the timing. Within about 45 minutes they arrived. They were able to explain their process and let us know what to expect. They were gentle and respectful with Kelso in preparing him for transport. My son and I carried Kelso from our yard to their vehicle. A couple of days later they called to say the they had his ashes and paw print ready for me to pick up. I stopped by their office and was able to get a tour and learn more about them and their business. I was very impressed with them both throughout the whole process and have already recommended them to friends who will need Part of the Family at some point.”

– Daryl R. Burd

June 7, 2015

“When our little fur baby unexpectedly died at home after 12 years of incredible companionship we were dumbfounded. We didn’t know what to do. I called our veterinarian and was told we could drop off his body and pick up his ashes in 3 weeks. We had spent every day with our little man since we picked him up at 8 weeks old, we couldn’t imagine leaving him like that to be disposed of. We found Part of the Family online and when I called, in a pathetic mess of tears, was greeted with warm understanding. We made arrangements to bring him in and were greeted with a dignified treatment that is usually reserved for humans (he was human to us). The staff fro Part of the Family that escorted us were kind and understanding. After such an unexpected loss of our wee dog it was an incredibly compassionate and dignified end for our boy. It gave us closure to be with him to the very end and although we would have paid much more for this, found it only nominally more costly than the “send him out and get his ashes back in 3 weeks” option offered by our vet. His ashes were back with us within 48 hours and our last memory was leaving his body at a beautiful farm to be cared for. Thank you Part of the Family for making our goodbye fitting for what we owed our Shakespeare after 12 years of unconditional love.”

– Julie Kucher

June 7, 2015

“On July 25th of this year, 2014, I used this company PART OF THE FAMILY for the first time. The company has impressed me with their professionalism and the care in which they handled my baby girl NEKA both at my home and transporting to their business. This time was most difficult for me and they totally understood. They were caring not only for me but for my baby girl as well. I wish I had known of this company when I had 2 of my other pets cremated. I hope they stay in business for a long time because they are like no other. I have told all I know with pets of this company because I feel that they truly care about what you are going through because they treat you and your pet as their name PART OF THE FAMILY…”

– Roberta Parson

June 7, 2015

“Amazing! They were such a tremendous help to us! Got a hold of them right away and were able to bring Jersey to them that same morning. So thankful for the services and compassion through our ‘ruff’ time!”

– Joanne Grenier

June 7, 2015

“Compassionate staff that attends to every need a family would need during their time of grief.”

– Debbie Neff

June 7, 2015

“Thank you for the gentle care you gave Bogart and the compassion you showed us.”

– Mickey Lougheed

June 7, 2015

“Wow – I really cannot express how incredibly comforted our family has been, knowing our Spanky has been treated with the respect and dignity he so deserves, thanks to Part of the Family. We shared almost 18 years together but the last few months have been so sad! Cancer was eating him alive and we really struggled with the decision to put him to rest, even though we knew it was time. Funny how such a miserable cranky cat can have such an incredible impact on one‘s life!! We will however have him back home tomorrow, when we will place him proudly and prominently on the “good living room” fire place mantle, basking in the sun… one of Spanky`s favorite activities – all thanks to the fabulous family at Part of the Family! We are eternally grateful for this… thank you!!”

– Stacey Thiessen