July 6, 2015

“Our daughter called us the middle of our holiday in Montana to tell us that our cat, Nutty (Nutmeg), was not doing well and she felt that Nutty was just holding on for us. We were in Thompson Falls, Montana and we tore back home as fast as we could. We stopped only to gas up and made it back home by 11:00 that night. Our daughter had stayed until 10:00 which was as late as she could stay with her family of four waiting for her at home.

My heart sank as I went in the house, Nutty was so talkative and always came to greet us. But there was no sound. I was frantic as I looked for her and finally found her. She looked indeed like she had been holding on just for us. By this day it had been one day since she had eaten. At 18 1/2 she was quite simply dying of old age, her poor tired body had just had enough.

Since she was in no pain or discomfort we took care of her, never leaving her alone, for five days when she finally left us. At no time was she in discomfort or pain and we took care of her as she had taken care of us all of her life. She held on to life so long our poor little dear and honestly had such a gentle passing – just a series of soft last breathes until she was gone.

They answered our call at 5:22 on Saturday July the 4th. They generously told us that we could come with Nutty at 6:30. They were compassionate and understanding, making us feel at ease with leaving Nutty with them and with our grief. They offered us the grieving room to take as long as we wanted to say goodbye even though he probably had things to do at home on a Saturday night. While we were there they took time to show us their facility. The grieving room where one can spend time with their pet and memorial room for services are exceptional. They have the same calming facilities that any funeral home has for a human. They clearly understand that our pets are family members and they treat them with honour and respect.

Before we left they presented us with a beautiful portfolio with a paw print which contains seeds which will bloom into flowers and wonderful words of kindness and grief counseling as well as a memory ribbon. The paw is planted and when those flowers come up we will think of how lovingly we and Nutty were treated.

We have had to say goodbye to pets before and have used other facilities and we cannot tell you how amazing Part of the Family is. We are so comforted to know that Part of the Family is there and we hope they continue for many many years.

There will never be any other choice for us and we feel so strongly about them that we will recommend them always to anyone who might need the many services they offer.”

– Zoie and Doug