June 7, 2019

“The hardest day of our lives came on May 13th, 2019 when we had to say good bye to our handsome boy JC.

This was not something that we were remotely prepared for.

We knew because of his age – 18 years old – that our days with our handsome boy were one day going to end and we tried to be prepared for it…but how do you prepare to say good bye to a perfect furry face.

Well, needless to say it was VERY difficult and we both were emotional wrecks.

Ardeth was there and waited very patiently for us to finish with the vet and to say good bye to JC.

When Ardeth came into our home, she literally sat on the floor with me and let me cry.

Ardeth was so…I don’t even know what words to use…she was so patient and calming, she let us take as much time as we needed to make some very emotional decisions and what we wanted for our handsome boy.

Ardeth made it very clear that she was in no rush and spent her time with us…that we truly needed.

Ardeth explained everything very well and let us know how well JC would be treated while in her care.

This made such a difference for us during a very difficult time and we will never forget that.

Ardeth brought in a beautiful basket and blanket for JC and let us place our handsome boy in the basket and tuck him in with the blanket and say our final goodbyes and give him kisses before leaving us

This was THE HARDEST thing we have had to do but because of Ardeth and her compassion, and the compassion of all that work at Part of the Family, we felt that we would not have wanted it any other way for our boy.

It was a beautiful way of saying goodbye to a beautiful boy who we dearly miss and Part of the Family was a huge piece of making that possible.

Our lives have forever changed since we lost our boy.

We are so thankful for Ardeth and Part of the Family – you do things that most of us do not have the courage to do and you do it fabulously.

JC would be very happy that you took such good care of his mom and dad!!!!

We will be forever thankful and hold you dear to our hearts!!

Thank you again for everything!!”

Much love,

Jackey & Jim & JC