July 6, 2015

“When we get a pet, we all know “that day” will come, but you think it will just never happen. Your pet will live forever… But then, “that day” does come. My husband and I had never experienced the putting down of a pet and now, here we were… making the decision you know in your heart is the right decision.

Two and a half years ago, I attended the Open House of “Part of the Family Pet Memorial Centre” and upon entering the building was struck with how calm and friendly the staff were. From the beautiful Chapel, to the “Comfort Room” where one can sit with their pet before it is put down, to the room filled with so many different kinds of urns and engraved boxes for the cremated remains… I made a promise that when it was time for my pets to be put down, my first call would be to the Pet Memorial Centre… and it was. Upon arriving at the Centre to make the advanced arrangements, I was first greeted by Katie and shown into the office where they took me through the paperwork and then showed me the “Urn Selection Room” to make my choice. Between bouts of tears and numerous Kleenex tissues, I realized just how lucky Edmonton is to have such a wonderful place with such warm-hearted people to help one through this gut-wrenching time…

– Brenda and Bernie