September 18, 2015

“I would like to send Part of the Family a sincere heartfelt thank you for all he has done during the recent loss of my dog Meika. They were very compassionate and understanding of all the emotions I was facing with losing my baby girl and went out of his way to ensure she had the very best and comfortable end to her journey. I had originally planned Meika’s euthanasia in August and unfortunately this past weekend I realized that Meika was very sick and decided to end her suffering sooner than expected. I called late on Saturday afternoon to let them know that Meika had deteriorated and that I would be putting her to sleep that afternoon. They went above and beyond ensuring that we could still on such short notice go ahead with what we had planned all the while remaining compassionate with the situation.

My wish was to be with Meika to the very end and that included witnessing her cremation. It brought me comfort to know that she would be treated well and that I would be by her side to the very end. Obviously knowing this was my final goodbye to my beloved Meika – they very patient and again compassionate allowing me some extra time with her as well as showing great sympathy to the situation. I appreciated them reminding me that she would always be in my heart and allowing me to take my time before the cremation started. Meika was gently picked up from her blanket and placed inside, just as I would have done it myself.

On Monday I returned to the Part of the Family center and was able to take my little Meika’s urn home. I appreciated that they understood that getting Meika back home was very important to me and as was promised he had my baby back to me as soon as was possible. I also received an absolutely wonderful package with pamphlets helping with what I am feeling right now and a little paw print package of flowers  to be planted in memory of Meika. I can’t thank them enough for the thought of this little paw print bloomer, it brought me comfort to go outside with my 2 other dogs and plant this for Meika. The team at Part of the Family truly do understand and believe that they are not just pets that they truly are part of our families and that thought shows through all that they do. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

– Tara Bristow